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Klub Dobrej Muzyki



Here is next video with a song from our new album. We hope you enjoy it :)
Mick & Elli KBB - Our Blues (Official Music Video)
We will be happy to see you at Blues & Jazz Open Air Birsfelden on August 27th, where we will perform with Jnr. Robinson from UK.
For more info go here: Blues & Jazz Birsfelden
For Junior's artist profile go here:


In the meantime, our video "Secret Place" feat. Jnr. Robinson hit the Weekly Playlist of TBN UK television channel:
Thanks a million TBN UK for promoting our music and message!


The official music video of a song from our coming up CD album in autumn 2016.
Here is Mick & Elli song "Secret Place" featuring Jnr. Robinson (UK)! Here is the perfect blues vibration!
Mick & Elli KBB & Jnr. Robinson - Secret Place


MAY 2016

Our music video with a song from our newest album coming out most likely in autumn 2016 is available on  our YouTube channel. Go to our video section, or click here and enjoy! 
Next videos are coming soon...


AUGUST 2015 - JUNE 2016

We play almost every Friday evening in restaurant Mooi at the Kulturhotel Guggenheim. It is an incredibly interesting place, a must visit, if you pass by Liestal,  this little, but significant town in Switzerland.
Kulturhotel Guggenheim is a business project run by our drummer, Eric Ruetsche. There is a B & B hotel, restaurant with live music Thursday till Saturday, a concert venue for 200 people and studios for music school and workshop bands...

Needless to say, it's all about music...

In the meantime, we had some gigs in Poland. The photos are soon to be thrown in our photo gallery :)


MAI 2015

We had a car crash a few days after the gig in Warsaw. Thank God, no injuries, no traumas, everyone in the family is well, including our guitars. The car's back had to be fixed, though. The concerts were nice and we met a lot of interesting people Pictures will be posted in gallery soon.

All in all, we drove in the month of April around 8'000 km. in Poland, then driving back to Switzerland, then again to Poland to pick up our car, and again back home. Not bad at all :-) 

In July till mid August next trip to Poland for some more gigs...



 Heading to Warsaw, Poland for the first gig there this year!



Excited about our shows in Poland, at the Baltic sea, in Gdansk and Gdynia. With our Special Guest - Jnr. Robinson and Grace Gospel Choir for support! We are leaving Switzerland soon. See you at the sea shore!


Getting ready for the show with Steve Savage Band from Nashville, US! We are excited to do a concert together with guys we never met before.

Fall Tour 2014 in Poland

JULY 2014

Tuesday, July 15th, at 21h00 in RDS - Radio Dolny Śląsk
Broadcasting & Media Production · Advertising Service · Entertainment Service, we will present our music live and from our newest albums. For more information check our Facebook profile. On Thursday, the 17th next show with Special Guest Junior Robinson and some great local musicians.

 First week in Poland and first show with Junior Robinson. Click here and see us in action!



We are excited about our tour in Poland with some great polish musicians and a special guest, our friend Jnr. Robinson from UK!

Can't wait to play together, guys!

MAY 2014

Song no. 3 "Close Together" from our acoustic album "ABC" became "track no. 31" on the "The New Jazzin Orleans Blues Avenue"  
Various Artists. That means more people are going to hear our song. We are songwriters, so we like it.


APRIL 2014

We gave a great show on Blues Festival Basel. The audience reactions were amazing during the show and also after. A great priviledge to have played for people, who appreciate our music!
Thanks a bunch to all that enjoyed it!

You can now watch our show from the festival on YouTube. Go to video

BLUES Festival BASEL 2014 coming soon! Mick & Elli Kaluzny Blues Band are playing on Promo - Night on the 1st night of the event, the 1st of April. Here is the program:

20.00 – 20.25
Crush Ice

20.30 – 20.55
Mike Eric

21.00 – 21.25
Chubby Buddy

21.30 – 21.55
Kaluzny Blues Band

22.00 – 22.25
Blind Corner

There ain't no tickets for the Promo - Night. The entrance is free! That means that you can just come along, pay your drinks and enjoy the evening :-)
we do hope to c u there and have a good time together!

Mick & Elli Kaluzny Blues Band is:

Mick Kaluzny - guitars & vocal

Elli Kaluzny - bass, guitars & vocal

Eric Ruetsche - drums 

... and so you will see us on the 8th of April, at 21.30!

see ya!


The lyrics of our latest album "ABC", as well as "Little Man" and "Friend & Not Alone" are now published online. Simply go to "MUSIC" page, choose an album and click on the link at the end of album's info. Here are direct links:





Watch the video of the title song from Mick & Elli acoustic album "ABC". The video will also be on the CD as a bonus track.
We dedicate the song to all, who highly value the right of parents to educate their children. Go to video

 On the 8th of April 2014 Mick & Elli KBB (Kaluzny Blues Band) play on Blues Festival Basel.

The Band:
Elli Kaluzny - bass, guitar, vocal
Mick Kaluzny - guitar, vocal
Eric Ruetsche - drums, backing vocal


 It takes only  a few modern devices and the preparation for the show can be done just anywhere. . Watch the woman at work here. 


Mick & Elli Acoustic "ABC" is our next album to be released soon. In June 2013 we spent a weekend in our studio, recording acoustic guitars, asked our drummer, Eric Ruetsche to play percussion here and there, put our vocals on the top of the sound and there we go - an acoustic album of Mick & Elli just as you hear us often playing in duo. The album will be released soon and will be available for download (digital distribution on 1st November by Devout Artists).
Have a Pre-listen


Poland. We didn't play any show this time, but we made a videoclip to the title song for our acoustic album - "ABC" and gave an interview to a magazine "Pani" (Lady). Great thanks to a lovely polish family of seven that helps to promote us and introduce to a larger audience!


JUNE 2013

Summertime is at hand and as a family living and touring in two countries, Poland and Switzerland, we have a rather intensive time with a hundred things on our to-do list...

Recording our acoustic album. It is going to be simple, groovy, heart-touching and just...great!

The "A-Team" on the album are:

Elli - guitar, vocal

Mick - guitar, vocal

Eric Ruetsche - percussions

Romuald Kula - blues harp

A perfect match!